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60. Secret Brain Hacks for Out-of-the-Box Money Making!

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Welcome back to the stuff your accountant isn't telling you. In this episode, we're revisiting a speech I delivered at the Scaling New Heights event hosted by Woodard LLC in St. Louis, Missouri. Scaling New Heights is a major event for accountants and bookkeepers. Even if you're not in the accounting field, it's essential for your accountant or bookkeeper to attend such conferences to stay informed and offer you valuable insights.

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Episode Show Notes :

Secret Brain Hacks for Out-of-the-Box Money Making!

Show Notes Summary:

In this episode, you'll revisit a speech delivered at the Scaling New Heights event in St. Louis, Missouri during the summer of 2023. The speech focused on thinking outside the box to create profitable income sources in business. You'll gain insights into how to redefine what you do, challenge conventional approaches, and leverage technology to enhance your business. The episode also explores examples of innovative services that can boost revenue and provide clarity for business owners.


Welcome back to the podcast, where you'll uncover the secrets and strategies that big businesses use to increase profitability. This episode revisits a speech given at the Scaling New Heights event in St. Louis, which emphasized the importance of thinking innovatively in business.

The 1968 Flop:

An analogy is drawn to the 1968 high jump "Fosbury Flop" to encourage thinking outside the box. Just as Richard Fosbury revolutionized the high jump with a new technique, businesses can adapt to industry changes and use technology to gain a competitive edge.

The Taboo Game:

The Taboo game is introduced as a means to explore effective communication. The idea is to explain what you do without using industry jargon, fostering better understanding with clients who may not be familiar with specialized terms.

Alternative Income Sources:

Examples of alternative income sources are presented, including a "Bookkeeping Cleanup" program, an "Estimated Tax Calculator," and a "CFO Dashboard." These innovative services not only help clients but also generate additional revenue for your business.


By embracing change, understanding the industry's history, and utilizing technology, businesses can create profitable services and gain a competitive edge. To learn more about such strategies, subscribe to the show and stay tuned for upcoming episodes.

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