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  • Businesses who are ready to increase their profitability

  • Business leaders who want to gain a better understanding of the financial side of business.

  • Business leaders who are looking for more financial guidance

  • Business leaders need resources and tools to make more key business decisions.

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82% of successful business owners say having an entrepreneurial-minded accountant made their business more profitable. 

This content is all about giving you the secrets that they used to be more profitable

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There are different secrets for navigating each stage of growth. 

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For expert financial advice specifically tailored for business owners. Our advice has helped others raise over $2 million in funding and we want to share our knowledge with you. Don't miss out on the opportunity to take control of your finances and achieve success in your business.

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Renee Hode,
Director of Small Business & Entrepreneurship 
South Piedmont College

During the last two years, I have engaged with the TLTurner Group to assist and support small businesses through training and professional consulting services. I cannot say enough about the passion, professionalism, and expertise of The TLTurner Group. The TLTurner Group is the "small business community's CPA." They are intentional in their efforts to help and support the development of local businesses by providing accounting and financial assistance and education.

Lamar Hull,
CEO, Medrank Interactive

I have been working with the TLTurner Group for a few months to bring more insights into our company’s finances in terms of profit and loss and cash flow. We now have better insights into how our company is performing financially. We have referred several other businesses to the TLTurner Group because of the data-driven decisions they have allowed us to make through understanding our finances.

Jennifer White,
CEO, The MJW Group

TLTurner Group came at the right time. 
They have been instrumental in our growth as a Company regarding understanding best practices with accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes. The education they have afforded us allowed The MJW Group to know our numbers and to always be ready to explain our data.

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