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58. Debunking the Myth: The Real Deal About Business & Numbers

Air Date:

Sep 20, 2023


48 Mins

Join us on SYAITY as we address a common misconception: the belief that business isn't all about the numbers. We discuss where this advice comes from and provide our opion on whether this is good or bad advice. Plus, stay updated on key business topics, including tips on how to help your business survive inflation and the entrepreneurial opportunities for the average person that were sparked by Beyonce and her team. How to think about earning season and plan for the future.

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Episode Show Notes :

Some are saying business isn't all about the numbers and I say that is bad advice, infact the only people who say that are people who are confused or unsuccessful…because the truth is its all about the numbers, yes it is all about the numbers …..with one overall important factor…..

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Welcome back to the SYAITY where our story is to fight against bad advice,horrible ideas and the shady business "gurus" that try to get your money by selling you something that won't actually help you and today's topic we are dealing with a topic that I have been hearing so many people discuss and that is …Business is not all about the numbers….

We are going to discuss this and hive you our thoughts on this and tell you is this bad advice or good advice for you to follow. But before we deal with that let's get an update on a few key business topics of the week.

  • Topic 3:  Earning season and what that means - End of Q3 all eyes are on performance - how companies ended Q3 and what are their projections for Q4 and 2024  - NOW is the perfect time to start planning for next year

Main topic: now let's dive into our core topic of good or bad advice…. Is business about more than the numbers…. First here is some context on where I have been hearing this advice

  • Business Gurus and coaches online, public speakers who are trying to impress an audience

  • Here are my thoughts and it may be business because we are accountants and finance professions… business is all about the numbers, let's be honest what else could it be about. No matter what you think is important it comes down to the the one huge caveat is this 

    • you as the owner/ leader get to decide what numbers he business is about

    • It could be revenue, net profit, the number of lives you change, the number of days you take off etc the numbers don't have to be financial but they have to be something otherwise you have no way of measuring progress success or failure.

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