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18. How to build The Currency of Trust

Air Date:

Oct 19, 2022


26 Min

Trust has to be the highest value in your company; if it’s not, something bad will happen to you. - Marc Beniof

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Episode Show Notes :


  • What is Trust -  Trust is an asset that allows you to build and accomplish great things

    • If it is an asset then it takes time, intentionality, strategy, and consistency to build

  • Why is trust so important

    • The less you have, the more complicated your life will be

    • When trust is low people do not cooperate with you

Culture points to remember:

  • You should never take it personally if someone does not trust you - think of trust like a bank account, if they don’t trust you it simply means there is not enough trust in the account for the situation you find yourself in.

  • How do you develop Trust

    • Patiently - it takes time to build it

    • Intentionally - this won’t happen by accident

    • Accountability - committing to things and then executing or communicating about missed commitments before the commitment is missed

Common Mistakes when it comes to trust:

  • Assuming I deserve trust from others - trust is earned so don’t get it confused 

  • Trusting someone is the same thing as Liking someone - you can like someone but still not trust them. 

  • If they hired me that means they trust me - getting hired does not mean trust it may mean there is enough comfort to give you a trial run

  • Employees are the only people who have to build trust - this is a lie managers and employers should be working to build trust with their team

Here is a simple scorecard for building trust with your people -

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