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11. What Every Business Owner Should Learn from Peloton

Air Date:

Aug 31, 2022


51 Min

What can you learn from a company that goes from a record high revenue to losing ~ $1.2 Billion?

Peloton recently reported a ~ $1.2 Billon loss, a big miss to their forecast. So why does this matter for you as a business owner?

In this episode, we share the value of:

1. Studying your customer spend behavior

2. Forecasting and pivoting your business based on what the numbers tell you.

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Episode Show Notes :

Intro: Using market trends to understand better where your business is headed

The story of Peloton:

  • History: 

    • Founded in 2012 by a former exec at Barners and Noble (John Foley) 

    • September 26, 2019, went public: $1.16 billion and valuing the company at $8.1 billion

    • January 2021: 50 Billion, Back to 8 Billion in April 2022. 

  • Business Model: 

    • Product vs Subscription

    • Gross Profit

    • Market sentiment

  • Revenue trend 

Lessons for Business Owners:

1. Studying your customer's behavior and how it's changing as the market changes.

2. Forecast, review, and forecast again: update your business forecast frequently

3. Pivot your business direction based on your forecast - i.e. moving towards a recurring subscription model vs a one-time purchase. Look at diversifying revenue sources.

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