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37. Business Owners Can Ease Financial Stress Symptoms with These Solutions

Air Date:

March 1, 2023


45 Min

Welcome to the Stuff Your Accountant Isn’t Telling You Podcast, where we reveal the secrets and strategies that big businesses use to increase their profitability. On this episode, we're playing a game of "Money Doctor" to help small business owners diagnose and fix common financial problems.

Our first patient is struggling with budgeting and forecasting and we have the prescription to help.
Our second patient is facing cash flow issues and we'll provide a solution with a Statement of Cashflow analysis.
The third patient is being crushed by interest rates on short term loans, and we'll diagnose a business model problem and offer a cure through an Income Statement and Accounts Receivables analysis.
Our final patient is working hard but still struggling with profitability and we have the solution with a Gross Profit analysis.

Tune in to find answers to your money problems and stay ahead of the curve.

Enjoy the episode

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