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35. 5 Reasons It May Be Time For Shane To Fire His Accountant

Air Date:

February 15, 2023


66 Min

So Shane has a serious problem on his hands and based on the details he shared, we need to have a conversation.
This week we are diving into an email that a business owner sent us as part of “The Small Business CFO Program.” Shane’s bookkeeper/accountant sent him a text stating,

“Hey Shane, you owe $32,000 in taxes, and it is due next week.”

This the first Shane is hearing about this, so he asked us what he should do; we are discussing this and the five common reasons why a business owner should fire their accountant.

Also, in the tax tea, we discuss the $150M Pharmacy Scam that got a pharmacist and their accountant 20 years in prison.

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Take the "Should I Fire My Accountant" Quiz - Do I Need to Fire My Accountant? | Biz Profit Secrets

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