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21. How Big Business Decisions Financially Impact Your Small Business

Air Date:

Nov 9, 2022


51 Min

Something your Accountant Should be asking you ...

How often are you reassessing your monetization strategy?

In this week's episode, we go through three questions every small business owner should be asking themselves when it comes to monetization:

1. How do I make money? - what % of my revenue comes from each service or product I offer?

2. Does my pricing strategy still make sense for my business?

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Episode Show Notes :

  1. Elon Musk Twitter purchase

    1. Moving to a subscription model - developing a recurring revenue stream that is not dependent on ads. 

    2. What this means for you

      1. How often are you looking at how your company makes money

      2. Are you reviewing your pricing strategy and asking does this still make sense for your business?

      3. Importance of diversification of your revenue portfolio

  1. Facebook seeing a dive in revenue with increased competition from TikTok. 

    1. Higher reach for lower cost

    2. Organic reach vs. Paid reach

    3. Opens up space for small business advertising.

    4. Need to learn how your customers consume information? 

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