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16. Business Lessons from Paris Experience + Other Updates

Air Date:

Oct 5, 2022


42 Min

We're bringing you something a little bit different in today's episode.

Terrell recently returned from Paris, and we'll be sharing the business lessons learned and how you can use these tips to improve the state of your business.

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Episode Show Notes :

Paris - UYB experience

  • UYB -what is UYB and what is the UYB experience

    • Kristen David - who is she and what is she doing

    • How has UYB helped us

    • Seattle & Paris

  • Making and designing chocolate - on one of my first days in Paris, France I attended a chocolate-making class. Coming into this place we say a 6-foot-tall replicate of the Eifel Tower made of pure chocolate. During this class, our personal chef gave us a quick lesson on the art of chocolate making and then walked us through the process of making our very own custom chocolate treats.

    • Business lesson -chocolate has had the same recipe for decades but the thing that makes it unique is the branding and the designs

      • The chocolate museum had many items on display like - the chocolate Eifel tower and it was like 8 feet high, The arc de triomphe which was about 3 feet wide and 4 foot high, then you had chocolate with nuts, seeds, fruit covered in chocolate the mix.

      • When it comes to bookkeeping and accounting for business the basics of bookkeeping, accounting and CFO services might be the same like the concepts are consistent but the firm you work with matters because they may have a different style or a different delivery

  • T2 cologne - We had a treat of creating our own custom cologne/perfume and it was an amazing experience. 

    • History & business side of making cologne - 

    • Business Lesson:  

      • you might make something that smells amazing but once you put it on your body it may have a different effect - your business strategy or your financial strategy might look good on paper but once you actually put it into practice it might be different

  • Cathedral tour - we visited the overflow chapel for the Notre Dame and it was amazing a chapel that was built in Saint Eustache Paris. The first brick was laid 1532 the chapel was consecrated on 1637. 

    • Legacy are you building something that others want to be a part of - you have to champion the cause and keep hope alive

    • Succession planning - the people who start might not be the ones who finish

  • Services in France - France is not known for its exceptional services

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