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10. Use This Service to Vet Prospective Customers & Increase Your Bottom Line

Air Date:

Aug 22, 2022


50 Min

Let's be honest; no one wants to end up with a crappy customer.

And while the "customer is always right," they might not always be the best fit for your business.

So what if there was a way to vet a prospective customer and increase your business revenue? This is just one of the benefits of offering complimentary/add-on services.

Check out this week's episode of Stuff Your Bookkeeper Isn't Telling You for the benefits of offering these services.

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Episode Show Notes :

Complimentary services:

What are complimentary services:

  • How do you create complimentary services - to do this you really should take a step back and think more about your client and ask yourself what problem are you really solving for them. Far too often businesses just focus on their product and they lose sight of the problem that they are actually solving. 

    • For example when we thought about accounting for law firms - most firms immediately go to the industry buzzwords like Bookkeeping, and CFO advisory and they sell those two things, but when I took a step back and asked myself after working with 10 different law firms what was the actual problem that they were trying to solve for once we did that we came up with a list 

      • Hiring decisions

      • What types of revenue targets 

      • Productivity of the existing team

      • AR collections

      • Flat fee pricing

  • Sometimes complimentary services can be free services - these are things you offer the client to help streamline the process which makes the labor/effort required for the paid services to be more efficient

  • Complimentary services can also lead to an alternative core product

    • Some clients are demanding “Financial Data Analysis” for our clients and other accounting firms - we are great at data analysis and can build just about anything ins mo

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