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How to Create CFO Dashboards (TYFV - Special)


Every month business owners are paying between $1,500 - $5,500+ in one-time fees and a minimum of $250 in monthly maintenance fees to have a custom financial dashboard for their business. Until now, you and your firm had no way of creating this kind of revenue for yourself. Now with LiveFlow, Google Data Studios, and "this course," you can learn step-by-step how to build custom financial dashboards and sell this as an additional service to existing and new clients. Firms that include this as a service can easily add $3,000 of recurring annual revenue per client. So even if you're a small firm and you only have 5 clients, that are easy, an additional $15,000 a year of recurring revenue. Also, bookkeeping and accounting firms that offer services like this to their clients can position themselves as a high-value firm, which also increases the fees they charge for their standard services. This is a profitable growth factor for your firm. If you are interested in having our firm assist you with building out these kinds of custom tools that you can resell to your clients, feel contact us about our white-label - "Data Analytics Service packages".




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