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Hiring ROI Calculator


The average business goes into debt by at least $15,000 due to poor Hiring ROI (return on investment) performance and some get so bad that they end up going out of business within 23 months. This tool can help save your business from this problem. Here is a typical phone call that we get at least once a month: "my business seems like it should be doing well, I am working really hard doing what I know I can but cash always seems tight and payroll is often a concern, we have about $15,000 or more in revolving credit because of this issue." 98% of the time we set up a call and within 15 minutes of introducing them to the Hiring ROI calculator they immediately know where their problem is and the tool makes it so easy to understand they almost immediately know what they need to do to fix the problem. Normally clients pay $1,500 for a 1:1 Hiring Calculator session but we decided to make a do it yourself version of the calculator available for a great price so you can figure out how to solve a problem that is running more and more businesses further into debt and ultimately into closing down their operations. Don't lose your business over this problem.




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